The 5 Aspects of Website Design Ideal for Small BusinessesAugust 22, 2017

Just one bad web design decision can affect the way that people see your company. This is why it is always far safer, and it makes more business sense, to have your website designed by a professional team.


Investing In Smart Web Design In Nelspruit Is A Sure Fire Way To Bring Attention To Your Business

With our skills and experience, we build effective websites that are easy to use and great to look at!

You want your website to be customer friendly. And in order to achieve this, and make your site easy to use, your website needs to be designed in such a way that it includes all the right elements.

Your website is not a fancy piece of advertising. It is your sales rep and you want it to be the best representative possible.

Contact forms, testimonials, great images and easy to read content, when you go down the website design rabbit hole with your designer, here are the 5 aspects you have to include:

  • A sensible website address:

Ideally, your website address, or URL, should either be your company’s name or something closely related to your company. Your URL will become a part of your brand so it needs to reflect your company while also being easy to type in and easy to remember.

  • Super easy navigation:

Have you ever come across a website and basically got lost? Sounds a little weird but there are those websites out there that are just not easy to navigate. These kinds of websites are not helpful for customers and they are more than likely going to encourage a client to leave your website before they have found what they are looking for. Your web designer needs to create a website with a clear menu and you need to be sure that your pages are properly labelled and easy to see.

  • Contact information:

Your website has 2 main goals: To inform your client about what it is that your company does and to encourage them to contact you. But how can they get in touch if your contact information is hidden? Many clients will not have the time or patience to click through every page looking for your phone number. They know they want your product and service, so be sure that your information is clear. Any good web designer worth their salt will ensure that your contact information is visible. If you see that your website is lacking this aspect, be sure to speak up!

  • Include calls to action:

A call to action is a command, encouraging your site visitors to take an action, such as contacting you. Including at least one of these on each page is a great aspect to include in your website marketing. Using special fonts, animation, colours and buttons as a part of the design of your call to action will make a big impression.

  • Invest in basic SEO:

Even the most general search engine optimisation campaign can help your online marketing. Search engine optimisation, or SEO, is a practice that boosts a website and makes it accessible via a search engine. Good design can help to get your website ranking on the first or second page of a search engine, leading clients directly to your website. But keep in mind that the most effective SEO relies on more than good design.

For our team, including these aspects during our design process is second nature. We take pride in offering effective web design in Nelspruit and we can transform your online look by designing a website that speaks for you.


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