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Web Design Nelspruit

A website is no longer something one can simply slap together. Instead, it is one of the most useful marketing tools and a fantastic representation of a company. That’s why at MMP Online we design and develop websites with extra attention to detail so that they represent your brand by being your online presence.

Websites developed at MMP Online are done so using tried and tested techniques shown to generate the most efficient click-through rates as well as offer simple navigation for even the most computer illiterate individuals, without having to compromise style

Social Media

Don’t let the term Social make you think it can’t be used for business. Social Media is an excellent and powerful tool used to increase traffic to your website by directly targeting your clients right in the comfort of their online social spaces.

Facebook, in particular, is an excellent platform to engage with your clients, not only by being visible but also by responding to basic queries, giving you the first step in starting a business relationship and really stretching out to new audiences.


Not everyone knows about your company but that is no reason to stop them from getting in contact with you when you have Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on your website. MMP Online has mastered the art of ranking websites organically (“the right way”) on Google and securing a steady spot in the higher-ranks of Google Search Results as well as on other popular Search Engines.

You don’t want to miss out on what is the most powerful tool in marketing today. Sign up for one of our tailored SEO Packages and see your business grow.


The saying “Content is King” is popular for a reason. It drives conversions and shares information your clients need to know. We understand that not everyone has the time or the expertise to put their message out in writing (not only to convey their message to their audience but to also get properly recognised by our online overlords over at Silicone V).

Our copywriters can assist you with expert content creation. They will create the text needed to professionally and efficiently get your message out. They understand the art of selling your business, mission and products while crafting a simple and easy read.


These days shopping online has become more and more prominent and if you have a shop you would like to take online, MMP is the team you need to work with. We can assist you with building and setting up your very own e-commerce website. You’ll be provided with a platform that has secure payment gateways and the store will allow you to target a wider audience.

E-commerce is not limited to the selling of physical products but can also be used for digital products or services. Contact MMP today if you would like to take your storefront online

Google AdWords

Creating and managing an AdWord profile can be daunting; we are here to make it less so. Google AdWords is still one of the most efficient ways of generating direct, paid clicks to your website and it lets you target a specific audience in a specific area. Another benefit of Google AdWords Pay-Per-Click system is that you can direct traffic to your website or to specific pages of your site.

As a result, your campaign can be efficiently tracked to see how well your ads are working for you. Get in touch with us and we’ll set up an effective campaign, on any budget, to help you grow your business.

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