Term’s & Condition’s 

  1. Work will only commence on:
  • Receipt of deposit as agreed.
    • Receipt of information and material at the MMP Studio to be included as agreed to.
    • A fee can apply if information needs to be collected from the client or footage needs to be acquired by MMP not included in the quotation.
  1. No additional work will be done other than quoted without written agreement from both MMP and the client.
  2. Travelling (current AA tariff) and call out fees can be charged for follow up visits if required.
  3. MMP will not be held responsible for the use of any copyright material (official logos, music, photos, etc.) supplied or requested by the client. MMP will however assist the client in getting the necessary permissions if needed. Any costs arising will be for the account of the client.
  4. Copyrights on material used by MMP in general (Eg. background music, photos, maps, etc.) will be for the account of MMP and is included in the package price.
  5. MMP will deliver a proof “look and feel” and 2 amendments can be done included in the quoted price. Thereafter a cost of R550 will apply for additional proofs.
  6. The balance of payment will be applicable as indicated except if other arrangements are agreed to in writing:
  • Balance payable after completion of the site before going live or
  • On the date as stipulated above.
  1. The development stays the intellectual property of MMP until fully paid for.
  2. Hosting fees are payable monthly / yearly in advance. (Pay 11 months only for yearly advance payments).
  • MMP can not be held responsibil for the quality and/or integrity of any material not created by MMP when hosted on our server
  • 1 Calendar month notice and payment in writing is applicable for cancellation or transfer of the account.
  • In the case of cancelling your account, advance payments will be lost accept if it is due to MMP not keeping to the agreement.
  • Changes can be made to the website on an ongoing basis as agreed to. Rates will be determined according to changes.
  • Cancellation or failure to complete the development by the client will result in loss of amounts paid. Cancellation or failure to complete the development by MMP will result in refunding of payments made as agreed to.
  1. MMP has the right to suspend a site and /or e-mail services if the account is in arrears. An activation fee of R350 will be applicable before re-instating the site.
  2. MMP has the right to deny transferring of website/domain if account is in arrears

Disk Usage

  1. Server speed can be harmed by accounts with a large number of files. The following represents MMP’s limit: 200 000 files (emails, webpages, image files, directories, and so on) or 50 000 files per directory accounts with files and/or directories that exceed the above limit will have their files and/or directories removed from our backup system.
  2. It is not permitted to use our servers as a personal storage facility. Any content that is stored must be relevant to the website(s) in question.
  3. Mailboxes that accumulate significant amounts of email without being used are not permitted (e.g. catchall mailboxes or bounce message mailboxes). Customers who have their catchall address enabled but never check their primary account mailbox are the most common cause of heavy disk usage. Thousands of messages accumulate over time, putting the account past its file limit.
  4. Emails that is far more than five years old may be removed from the server.
  5. Individual emails of 5 MB or more are not allowed to be held on the system for longer than one month.
  6. For our Web Hosting packages, MMP has set a disk usage quota. Customers are notified of domains that have exceeded the allocated capacity in monthly emails from MMP, giving them the option to reduce disk space or upgrade to a higher package to avoid excessive charges for over-usage.

Traffic Usage

  1. We don’t have a predetermined quota for data transmission (traffic) in our Web Hosting packages because we want our customers to have the resources they need to build a successful, expanding online presence. All clients are expected to follow this Acceptable Use Policy, which is meant to protect MMP’s server and network performance for the benefit of all of our customers.
  2. It is not allowed to use our Web Hosting packages solely for online file storage, archiving electronic files, streaming excessive video, or hosting music.
  3. Without prior consultation, certain services may not be hosted on our dedicated servers or our Colocation option. The following are some examples, but they are not exhaustive:
    1. Services for public mirroring that are made available to the general public.
    2. Any website or service whose primary goal is to transfer traffic from one network to another.
    3. Providing internet access to end customers by reselling bandwidth and/or network capacity.

If you’d like to discuss your requirement in more detail, please contact ewan@mmponline.co.za