In Short SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the “Organic” ranking of a website on a major search engine, such as Google. When a person does a general search for a product or service, those websites related to the terms searched for, come out on top. For example, lets say Evan has a bakery called Evan’s Baked Goodies. Now, people may not know Evan’s Baked Goodies exists but they are looking for a bakery. So they go on Google and search for “Bakeries in Nelspruit”.  If Evan has a website with proper SEO in place, his website will show up on the first page of results. This will lead business straight to Evan, with minimal effort. SEO is a part of digital marketing which includes social media and other helpful strategies which make a website more than a pretty artwork. 

These days, if you’re not online with proper SEO in place, your company may as well be invisible.

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In a nutshell, keywords are those terms, used to describe what it is that a business does, which are entered into a search engine to find websites. Remember Evan and his baked goodies? People easily found him when they entered the term “bakeries in Nelspruit”. Every website will have a set of keywords. But, to find the right keywords, a lot of research is needed. Google places more importance on some keywords and less on others. A good web design company offering SEO will know how to do effective research…And they’ll know how to implement those keywords on your website!

It’s not about the quantity of keywords, it’s about the quality

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Website statistics are one of the handiest tools for your marketing, and they offer the most accurate method by which to measure an ad campaign.

With your statistics you will be able to see how many people vistited your website, how old they were, even their location! So say you run an ad campaign. If you put your website domain on the advertisement you will be able to measure the amount of extra views that the ad generated for your website and in effect see if that specific ad proved fruitful for your company.

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Whether you would like to grow your online sales, get your phone ringing or bring more visitors to your website to improve your SEO, AdWords is the way to go.  With the “pay per click” system you won’t be paying for people to see your ad unless they have physically clicked on the link to go to your website.  Worried that your competitors will keep clicking the link to waste your money?  Google recognizes if the same IP or internet line keeps clicking on the link and does not charge for those clicks.  Please contact us for more info.

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