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MMP Online can now facilitate Drone Footage, in the form of Drone Videos and Photography in Nelspruit, as a service alongside Website Building and management, allowing you to have amazing, high quality imagery and videos for use on your website and at your company and business.

What Is Drone Photography & Videography?

Drone Photography and Videography is the usage of drones to take aerial shots of an object, building, person, or scene by recording from high up off the ground. Drone Footage provides a view that would otherwise be inaccessible to everyday people.

Why Use Drone Footage?

Videos taken with a drone are smooth, steady and have stunning quality, where the usage of cameras can have unclear image quality, the video is shaky and uneven, and it can be difficult to manoeuvre in tight spaces.

Drone Footage can provide never before seen and stunning views that compliment your company and the area around. Drone Footage can also be used to perform inspections on your business. You can fly high above everything and have a look at things from above.

Advantages Of Drone Footage

  • High quality imagery and videos
  • Consistently steady and smooth videos
  • Aerial shots of your business or company
  • Landscape highlighting
  • High maneuverability and takes up less space than people
  • Large range of travel

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