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Running out of the right words? We have copywriters who can help make your website literally speak your language. Not everyone has the time to put down 5000 words about their company. It’s time consuming, its resource consuming, and frankly, not everyone can hit the mark when it comes to expressing themselves using the written word. And that is okay. This is where we come in!

Copywriting is often the final cherry on that newly baked cake that is your website. It’s a specialist form of writing which encompasses a few aspects; it’s promotional, to encourage people to buy from you, it’s informative so that clients understand you, and it is fun so that people want to read more!

There are various styles of copywriting and we specialise in two forms: web copywriting and SEO copywriting (see website design and SEO for more info). But regardless of the style you choose, copywriting is basically the careful creation of written content. In our case, the content is written specifically for use on a website.

Copywriters are crafty people. Their main job is to use the written word to carefully persuade readers and to ultimately encourage decision making in the favour of their clients. Professional copywriters will fill in all the empty spaces on your website, and get your message across easily. Whether it is 500 words you need, or 10 000, our copywriters can help you.

This style of writing is designed to get your website ranking on a search engine. Filled with the different keywords clients are using to find companies similar to yours, SEO copywriting ensures that clients find your site first. This style is a tricky one seeing that keywords need to be carefully inserted into the content without the content looking like it has been written for Google rather than potential clients. We research keywords, their synonyms and anything else relating to the topic before writing. We then run it by you to ensure that it is an accurate representation of your business.

When it comes to SEO copywriting, general website copywriting or even social media copywriting, many clients think that they can undertake the project on their own. And the truth is that they can. But realistically speaking, filling a 20 page website with interesting, purposefully written content can be one of the most time-consuming aspects of any website build. This is why most of our clients who lacked existing content have used a website content writer to get the job done. Here are a few other reasons why you should hire a professional content writer:

No worrying about grammar issues.

Guaranteed persuasive content is written according to industry standards.

An outsider’s perspective can be instrumental in great content creation. When you write about your own company, your wording might be too technical or you might write too much. A professional writer is objective and will get straight to the point.

Professional website copywriters know what works in terms of online content. They’ll bring some variety in the style and wording of the copy.

SEO copywriters in Johannesburg are up to date about the latest Google trends. This helps us to continue writing content that Google, and your clients, will love!

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Regardless of your content needs, we can assist you! Enquire to find out more about how you can hire a copywriter!

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